Your companion for a busy schedule.
Simple task creator, share in realtime.
Never forget things that matter.
Focus on your work, We take care of schedule.

Organize your schedule with Alarm, Reminder & ToDos.

We dial your phone to remind you anytime, anywhere. Don't worry about missing app notifications. Connected via Phone, Email, Alarm & Notification

Do more with RemindMe

Create your task, reminders effectively. Share with family & friends and get work done collectively. Using Advance recurring reminders, you can set hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reminders, or even days of the week or month. Don't miss those important events ever again!

  • Organize task efficiently

    Creating tasks and organizing them has never been this easy. Grocery management, Mark individual items as completed and share with family members to put them to work. Subtasks and file attachments make it flexible to manage.

  • All Day Reminder

    Day reminders can help you take your medicine or drink water multiple times a day. This is a great option to ger alert for the time to relax, breath and takes a walk from a busy schedule.

  • Location-based Reminder

    Get your task done based on a location you pass by or when you leave your place. RemindMe sounds alarmed or calls to your phone based on location updates.

Create. Share. Get Done.

Advanced yet simple task management and reminder app that let you do more without worry about forgetting things.

Category and Color Tag

Create your custom categories like 'Personal', 'Idea', 'Office' etc to uniquely manage your task. Color tag help manage things better.

Custom schedule

Schedule your task and reminder for One time, Repeat and Location based remiders. Get Notified over Alarm, Phone call, Email and SMS.

Sync phone calendar

Import all your calendar events, tasks and reminder to RemindMe. Share, schedule and Notified on time.

Deliver to Phone call

RemindMe calls directly on your cell phone or group of people with recorded voice and notes on the call.

Create, manage schedule on Desktop & Sync with Phone.

view your todo list and scheduled reminder on Android, iOS and web platform. RemindMe Desktop web application allow you to easily create and manage tasks, reminders on the Desktop.

Download App Now.

Are you ready to set your busy schedule to Auto mode. Download Task manager, Reminder app for iPhone and Android.

Frequently asked questions

  • What type of Reminders are available on the RemindMe app?

    Alarm, Event and Task type of reminders are available.

  • Can I set reminders for family, friends or colleague’s phone number or email?

    Yes, Reminder can be set for any person from your phone contact.

  • Do I need to get verified before setting up Phone call Reminders?

    Yes, To avoid any abuse, you must verify yourself to proceed.

  • Can I share tasks and reminders with family and friends?

    Yes, Tasks can be shared with anyone. Every shared member can complete a task or subtask.

  • Is the grocery item list readily available to add items and custom items can be added?

    The Grocery items are streamlined in groups so you can easily find them without the need to type the entire word for known items.

  • How do I know if a phone reminder is received by the assigned user or call not pick up?

    You can see the call history to know the status of every scheduled call. The option to play recording is also available if you have opt-in in settings.

  • Can the app know if the call is picked up by a voicemail or caller machine?

    Yes, RemindMe system does it best to recognize if the call was picked by humans or not. Accordingly, it informs the person who schedules the call.

  • Can I hear the call recording of any schedule phone call reminders?

    Yes, Provided that you have set recording in settings to yes.

  • How does Location reminder works?

    You can choose to set a reminder when you reach near a place with a defined radius or you leave a place.

  • How does day reminder work? Can I set reminder as a phone call?

    The Day reminders are meant for scheduling reminders multiple times a day in fixed time intervals. These reminders are often used for medicine, drink water or take rest from a busy schedule.

  • Can I assign a task to someone to take care of on my behalf? Like I ask a family member to bring grocery stuff?

    Yes, You can assign any task using the ‘share task’ feature wherein your task is immediately shared and another person notified.

  • Can I attach picture to a task? Is attachment also shared if available?

    Yes, you can be attached up to 3 pictures to the task. The shared task also contains shared attachments.

  • Is RemindMe app Free to download?

    Yes, The RemindMe app is completely free to download from app store.

  • Do I need to pay for the phone call reminder?

    The phone call reminder needs credits to schedule a call. You must buy credit or opt premium subscription to get free credits balance.